About Amy

Amy Sasso has been teaching Pilates since 2010. Before teaching she was always interested in movement, and practiced classical ballet, other forms of dance, and rock climbing. As a Computer Engineer she approaches movement from an analytical point of view and is interested in understanding the science behind movement.

The philosophy that she believes in is that “movement heals” – body and mind. And everyone can benefit from movement.

Amy believes that pilates is the perfect movement platform because it is complete, adaptable, varied, challenging, fun, and restorative. She loves intelligent movement, how it makes her feel, and how it changes people.

Her classes are always challenging, but she also uses the intuition she has developed over the years to know how to meet every client’s needs – which may differ from one day to the next.

She has worked with different kinds of people, from Cirque du Soleil athletes in Amsterdam, to hip replacement patients in Costa Rica. Amy is adaptable to all situations and she is forever grateful to know, practice, and teach pilates which is such a wonderful movement method!

Her qualifications are:

2016 Lolita’s Legacy Educator Program

2016 Lolita San Miguel Pilates Master Mentor Program

2014 Thai Massage Certification

2012 Power Pilates Comprehensive Studio

2009 Polestar Pilates Mat

2002 Computer Science and Engineering