How do you choose to move?

So I´ve been moving since I was young. There were gymnastic classes, karate lessons, jazz dance class, and swim training on rainy Saturday mornings when I would have much rather been in bed. These were not the ways I chose to move, but the ways my parents decided it would be good for me to move. And how lucky I am that they put me through all those classes! I remember having fun always, except maybe the early swimming…

I remember rolling around in the gymnastic floor, jumping onto and off of things, falling, laughing, and then getting back up again to try something awesome.

My brothers and I climbed trees, rode bikes, skates, played baseball with the neighbours. I remember when I was 10 years old, my brother who was then 6 gave me skateboarding lessons. He made me ride down a steep hill and it was terrifying but I loved it.

I choreographed dances and put on shows where my little sister would dress up as a ballerina and dance in the living room for our parents.

Movement is in my blood, it´s how I grew up, it´s how I learned to play, explore, and learn.

I enjoyed sprinting 100m, 200m, cross country races, and long jump and high jump (even though I wasn´t very good at any of those things). And I just kept moving.

Fast forward 20 years and I´ve fallen in love with long distance trekking, rock climbing and Pilates and swimming (I don´t go at 6am in the rain though). Now I am starting to learn more about yoga and it´s great!

Looking back at all these types of movement, and trying to find the common denominator I´ve come up with the following: It doesn´t really matter how you move, as long as you move safely by honoring your body really enjoy it!

As adults we forget the importance of play, and that our body was created to move in all the different ways. When did you last enjoy a movement session just for the sake of doing something awesome? When did you last roll around on the floor or jump off of something without being afraid of falling?

Don´t take yourselves too seriously people, enjoy movement every time you can, which is usually every single day.

How did you choose to move today?



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