Satisfaction and Happiness

Yesterday we were talking about the relationship between happiness and satisfaction. Specifically speaking, can a person be happy without being satisfied in their work, life, profession?⁠

Happiness is momentary, fleeting. Satisfaction is long lasting and is built through a lifetime of decisions.

I agree with Joseph Pilates, each and every one of us is responsible for our own happiness. It is in our hands to make the decisions that take us towards satisfaction.

Every day we can choose how to add value, build, and improve the things we deem need improving.

⁠What do you think? Is being satisfied with what we do each day important?

Do you think it´s up to us to change the things we think need changing?

⁠I leave you with these thoughts and wish you all a very happy holiday season! Enjoy time with your family, take care and I hope to see you in 2021!

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