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How To Find Your Directional Preference

For Sciatica Symptoms Relief

Direction Preference

Direction Preference

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Want to always feel this good?

Regular Clinical Pilates classes can help you! Check out the Beyond Back Pain Club for an easy way to start from home.


Elena C, CR

"Really good. I think I am finally finding my rhythm. My physio sessions are further apart and it's been a while now that I haven't taken pain killers 🙌🏻

I went to play pickleball on the weekend and felt really good!"

Esteban Z, CR

"Super clear, didactic, and easy to follow. And obviously for those of us who know you in person, it's as if you were right there next to me!


On more than one occasion, I felt like you were "speaking specifically to me" and helping me correct my posture when I was losing it. You know what i'm like with those things!"

Ana Cristina L, CR

My experience over many years with Amy has been excellent. She is concerned with providing highly personalized attention and constantly learning to serve her clients in the most professional and responsible manner. We have worked on balance, flexibility, strength and more recently we have focused on strengthening bones to avoid osteoporosis and fractures.

I invite you to take classes with Amy.

Disclaimer: By taking part in an online Pilates class, you agree to take responsibility for your own body; you agree not to perform any exercises or movements that may cause you extreme discomfort; and you confirm that you are fit and able to join the class. You must ensure that you are exercising in a safe environment and that you are able to clearly see and/or hear your teacher in order to follow instructions. By following the class you automatically agree to waive all statutory rights against your teacher. This class is not intended for people with reduced bone density like osteopenia or osteoporosis. Always consult with your physician before starting a new exercise regime.

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