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New Years 20 min
Back Pain Relief Pilates Class

New Years Back Pain Relief Class

New Years Back Pain Relief Class

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Want to always feel this good?

Discover how a personalized online 3 month Clinical Pilates program can help you reach your goals. Get rid of your back pain, get fit and feel fully ready and capable to tackle your new years resolutions! 


Schedule a complimentary call today to share more about yourself. During our conversation, I'll provide insights into how the program can align with your aspirations, helping you determine if it's the perfect fit for your journey.


Book your free call now and embark on your transformation towards a fitter, more confident, and pain-free you! I look forward to meeting you.


Elena C, CR

"Really good. I think I am finally finding my rhythm. My physio sessions are further apart and it's been a while now that I haven't taken pain killers 🙌🏻

I went to play pickleball on the weekend and felt really good!"

Esteban Z, CR

"Super clear, didactic, and easy to follow. And obviously for those of us who know you in person, it's as if you were rig