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Esteban Z.

Super clear, didactic, and easy to follow. And obviously for those of us who know you in person, it's as if you were right there next to me!


On more than one occasion, I felt like you were "speaking specifically to me" and helping me correct my posture when I was losing it. You know what i'm like with those things!

About Clinical Pilates One

This program for busy professionals will reduce persistent pain in 12 weeks and create a complete body and life transformation. 

  • 3 Months Transformation

  • Private assessment 1:1

  • Functional Goal Programming

  • Individual Program Creation

  • Month 1 includes 2 classes x week

  • Month 2 & 3 include 3 classes x week

  • What is Causing Your Pain Workbook

  • Accountability system

Book a free call to find out more today!

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