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What Is This Program About?

Back Pain Breakaway Program

  • A 12 week Clinical Pilates Program designed to help you break free from the constraints of chronic back pain.

  • 30 minute classes are prerecorded with high quality visuals and clear explanations for every exercise.

  • 3 classes per week, each building upon the previous one allows a gradual progression through low impact and safe exercises.

  • I will personalize the program for your individual needs, and coach you along the way with regular check ins to answer any questions, tweak your plan if needed, and give technique checks.

Here's How The Program Can Help You

  • You will become stronger, more mobile and more confident.

  • You will reclaim activities which your pain is currently limiting you from enjoying..

  • You will learn about all the different factors that are affecting your pain.

  • You will learn quick techniques you can apply for pain relief.

  • You will learn the principles of progressive overload which you can then apply in order to strengthen your entire body.

  • You will feel relaxed, stretched and invigorated after every Pilates class.

Overcome Back Pain and Reclaim Your Life

Interested? Here's What You Need To Do

Book Your Call

Click the link below and book your free discovery call with me.

In this call we will go over your particular situation, you will explain everything to me in detail and I will then tell you how the program can work for you.

Based on what you tell me, I'll give you tips on things you can start doing today to help your back pain.

If you decide to join me, I will get you all set up with a log in for the platform and you can start immediately!

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!


Conditions apply - book your call for details.

Clinical Pilates by Amy 2024

Terms & Policies

Elena C.

Really good. I think I am finally finding my rhythm. My physio sessions are further apart and it's been a while now that I haven't taken pain killers 🙌🏻

I went to play pickleball on the weekend and felt really good!

Esteban Z.

Super clear, didactic, and easy to follow. And obviously for those of us who know you in person, it's as if you were right there next to me!


On more than one occasion, I felt like you were "speaking specifically to me" and helping me correct my posture when I was losing it. You know what i'm like with those things!

Floria C.

Amy has amassed so much knowledge, expertise and hours learning and teaching that the end result is she is a true Master teacher- a person who can explain and help you execute to the best of your ability and an ally to train with to expand that capacity. All the time I have spent training with her has drastically improved my practice, but also my quality of life. My expectations have not only been met but exceeded and I would recommend anyone looking to start or expand on their practice to look into Amy’s coaching.


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