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Join The
Back Pain Breakaway Program

This is for you if you have back pain which is getting in the way of your life, you're extremely busy, don't have much time to exercise, and you want to get strong and take control 💙!

This 6 Week Program Will Help You:

  • Become stronger, more mobile and more confident.

  • Reclaim activities which your pain is currently limiting you from enjoying..

  • Learn about all the different factors that are affecting your pain.​

  • Learn quick techniques you can apply for pain relief.

  • Learn the principles of progressive overload which you can then apply in order to strengthen your entire body.

  • Feel relaxed, stretched and invigorated after every Pilates class


Click the link below and book your free discovery call with me.

Join The
Beyond Back Pain Club

This monthly membership will keep you strong, mobile, and feeling your best.

You'll keep your back pain at bay and stay strong whilst belonging to an awesome community 💙!

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