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About Clinical Pilates

Heal your pain with Clinical Pilates today!

The Ultimate Method to Change Your Life

Clinical Pilates moves away from Pilates as a generalized fitness modality, and comes back to how Joseph Pilates originally intended: a personalized and individual practice designed to heal its practitioners different ailments, a tool for rehabilitation, and a way for humans to express their highest physical abilities.


Clinical Pilates is an evidence-based application of the original method, guaranteeing current best practice care supported by science.

How does it work?

  1. Start by signing up for a Clinical Pilates Private where we will talk all about you! You tell me what has been bothering you, what you would like help with, and where you would like to get to. In this session you will be working out so wear comfortable clothes!

  2. During and after the session I will write you a program which will help you achieve your goals. I will send it to you in an easy to understand format, where you can track your progress every time you work out.

  3. You may work on your program by yourself, or if you want support you are welcome to book back into a Clinical Pilates Private whenever you need to.

Why Clinical Pilates

Suitable for Beginners

Tailored Programs

Rehab Injuries



Relieves Chronic Pain

Evidence Based

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